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320                              THE GAY GENIUS

Tseyu's grand-daughters, daughter of the deceased Wang Shih, Tseyu's

The building of the house had used up almost all the money he had,
and he was counting on the small salary of Mai, who, by some arrange-
ment, had been appointed magistrate near Kukong.

Then suddenly, just as Tungpo felt he could settle down in his old
age as a native of Huichow, he was exiled outside the mainland oŁ
China. The order for his farther removal to the island of Hainan came
about two months after the completion of his new house. According to
one story, he had written two lines describing his beautiful nap in the
spring wind, listening to the temple bells at the back of the house.
When Chang Chun read the verse, he remarked: "So! Tungpo is
having a good time!" Thereupon the order for the new exile was